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  • Elevate your braiding game with our Kanekalon Hair Braiding Extensions.
  • Crafted for durability, our Ultra Braids Hair includes X-Pression for exceptional quality.
  • Explore diverse styles and lengths, like Premium Ultra Braids, perfect for intricate braided hairstyles.
  • Use crochet tools with Free-Tress Hair Extensions for braiding and twisting.
  • Embrace natural beauty with Afro Kinky Bob Marley Hair Extensions.
  • Get creative with Goddess Box Braids for stunning box braids.
  • Enhance your style with Ponytail Hair Extensions for versatility on any occasion. Unleash creativity with our wide selection and create beautiful, unique braided hairstyles effortlessly!

14 products found in Hair Braiding Extensions - Premium Kanekalon Fibers

Water Wave Passion Crochet Free-Tress Braiding 18-Inch Hair
  • From $17.99

Water Wave Free-Tress 18-Inch

French Loose Wave Crochet Braids Hair- 22 inch
  • From $17.99


DISCO Soft Natural Curls Free-Tress Crochet Hair 18-Inch
  • From $17.95

DISCO Soft Natural Curls Free-Tress 18-Inch

Afro Kinky Marley Hair Extension for Twisting or Braiding 8-Inch
  • From $14.95

Afro Kinky Marley 8-Inch

Goddess Box Braids with Loose Curls 24-Inch Crochet Braiding
  • From $20.95

Goddess Box Braids with Loose Curls 24-Inch

Deep Wave Free-Tress Crochet Braiding 20-Inch Hair
  • From $19.95

Deep Wave Free-Tress 20-Inch

Mermaid Goddess Locs With Wavy 20-Inch Crochet Pre-Looped Ombre Hair
  • From $20.95

Mermaid Goddess with Wavy Faux Locs

Water Wave Passion Twist Crochet Braiding Hair 24-Inch 22 Strands/Bundle
  • From $21.95

Water Wave Passion Twist 24-Inch-Sonia

Wavy Ponytail for Up-Do Extra Long 22-Inch Hair Extension
  • $35.95



Afro Kinky Hair Buns 8-Inch 15 Variety Colours
  • $26.99
  • From $13.99

Afro Kinky Hair Buns

Wavy Gypsy Locs 3-Colors Ombre Crochet Hair 18-Inch 24 Strands/Bundle
  • From $15.99

Gypsy Locs Pre-Loop 18-Inch

AFRO KINKY BULK 24-INCH Crochet Twisting Braiding Hair
  • $22.89

Afro Kinky Marley Hair Extension

  • From $45.45

crochet hair extensions

AFRO KINKY Curly 18 Inch Bob Marley Hair - Braiding, Twisting, and Crochet Extensions.
  • $14.95

Afro Kinky Marley Hair Extension