Question 1 answer:

In the beginning it will shed some hair but very little, due to some
left-over hair that missed the sewing track.  After wash and comb later
on, this will stop happening.  This is normal because the hair is new
and hasn't been used already.

Question 2 answer:

Long hair and curly hair tend to tangle naturally but with the right
hairstyling products this can be control easily.  To avoid or prevent
hair from tangle, comb the hair in Section-by-Section using large-tooth
comb or a detangler Brush after spraying hair with moisture Leave-In
Conditioner product.  Comb the end of the hair first, then the middle
section and lastly the frontal section of the head.  It's also very
important to use Shampoo and Conditioner separately for very long and/or
ladies hair.  Do not use 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner in a bottle.