Hair Relaxer commonly known as "Full Relaxer or Retouch Relaxer" is a chemical straightening technique for black hair textures such as kinky hair, 4C, tight curls, or any mixed-textures hair that are very hard to managed in their natural forms.

Relaxer is the exact opposite of PERM for Caucasian hair because relaxer stretches the curly hair by releasing its elasticity by the action of the product with the hands manipulation by the stylist.  Both relaxer and PERM elongated the hair strands structure by making them straight but the different between them is that the PERM hair is then wrapped around rods which will now formed the new curls for the hair, while in relaxer, the new formed straight hair is the end of this process.

Both chemicals use different active ingredients to form the first stage of the process of straightening the hair and both required different preparation stages to get the work done.  In term of hair relaxer, hair should not be too clean or wet with water because this will cause irritation of the scalp; the hair scalp need to be lubricate or feels dirty with dust and oily to protect the scalp from been damage by the product.  For Perm or chemical straightening, the hair & scalp have to be shampoo or clean prior to the procedure.

Benefits of Hair Relaxer:

  • Easy to comb and manageable hair
  • Visibility of hair growth because the hair is now straight
  • More options available to different hair styling
  • Time saver - Save time styling hair and hair dry faster
  • Pliable hair



Full Natural Kinky Hair Relaxer