Hair Extensions are one of the variety of ways to change up your look (just like the way we wear different cloths for different occasions or even daily.  I called this "hair-robe changing).  Also, hair extensions are ways to grow your hair length without constant combing of your own hair, which mostly leads to hair breakage especially if the strands are already weak. 

I used different forms of hair extension methods to grow my clients hair because of their various benefits to the natural hair itself.  This benefits includes changing up of your hairstyles without damage to your own hair, wearing various hair colours that are close to impossible with natural hair due to damages to the hair cuticles, volume adding and longer length possibility, and ease of care without stressing about daily weather conditions.

There are different methods or techniques to adding hair extension such as:

  • Weft-Hair extension using cornrows as the base for attachments.
  • Weft-Hair extension using Silicon Micro-Beads Method
  • Keratin-Bonded Hair extensions
  • Nano-beads I-Tip extensions
  • Tape-In hair extensions
  • Clip-In hair extensions
  • Dreadlocks extensions
  • Bulk-Hair extensions for braiding, cornrows and twisting
  • Ponytail extensions for Up-Dos styles
  • etc