Single braids, also known as Box Braids, are very versatile way to grow women and girls hair because of their easy to maintain lifestyle and colour-added options that could brighten anyone outlook of life.  Braids are my go-to for low maintenance style and on-the-go lifestyle.  It's also the best way to grow your own hair. 

When properly done, braiding should not be associated with pains and tension headaches.  This is very important to mention because some of my customers when we first met, they told me about their past experience of their first braid and how all they remember is the painful tension headache, face-lift and rashes due to the pulling of the hair from the scalp.  This unfortunately occurred because of the Braider's education method, which was through the use of hair mannequins, not by practising on human beings.

At Ripples, the owner learned from braiding human hair from a very young age due to the African School System that incorporated strict rule of how female students suppose to groom their hair... either buzz cut like a boy or braids to the weekly style of your School.  Therefore, braiding or "cornrows" as it was known over here is a way of life for any African girl.  It's a form of currency for us!  To trade-by-batter if you ever want to stay away from expensive weekly salon cost, which by the way, most parents would not even consider shedding out their hard earn currency every Saturdays!  This is my secret for the comfortable look and "big smile I got from my little girls" every time I braid their hair.  I couldn't get tire of such a welcome happy expression of my clients.  Oh so it the heavy feeling that some people will say they had in the past, all because mannequins learners used too much of hair extension with no knowledge of "law of equilibrium and tension equality or balancing, I just made up all those jargon in my head."

Single or Box Braids Extensions